Cornerstone Baseball: On the Road

Driving Directions to Area Ballparks

Albion - Albion Sports Complex: Take Highway 81 north through Stromsburg. Three miles north of Stromsburg, turn west (left) on Highway 92. Travel three miles to Highway 39. Turn north on Hwy 39 and proceed approximately 48 miles on 39 to Albion. Once you get to town, continue on Highway 39 and the road will bear left around the town. At the 4-way stop sign (6th Street), turn north and travel four blocks to Old Mill Road.. Turn left on Old Mill for 1/2 mile to the Albion Sports Complex. The Legion ball field is in the center of the complex. Approximately 72 miles and one hour, 20 minutes travel time.

Aurora - Mitchell Field: Take Highway 34 west to Aurora to the light at the intersection of highways 34/14 by McDonald’s. Turn left (south) on Highway 14 and proceed approximately 1 mile to “A” Street. Turn right (west) on “A” Street and go 4 blocks (3/8 of a mile) to Mitchell Field which will be on your right.

Beatrice - Christenson Field: Take Interstate 80 east to Exit 397 to merge onto US Highway 77/Homestead Expressway toward NE-2 Beatrice. Continue to follow US Highway 77 south for 39 miles to Beatrice. Turn right onto Industrial Row. Turn left at sign to Christenson Field. Total distance is approximately 88 miles and 90 minutes according to Google Directions.

Central City – Kernel Field: Take Highway 34 west to Highway 14 in Aurora. Turn north to Central City. Travel approximately ½ mile north of the Highway 14 - Highway 30 intersection to 10th Street. Turn west on 10th and proceed four blocks to Kernel Field. (10th Street and 21st Avenue)

Columbus - Columbus Baseball Field: Take Highway 81 north to Columbus. As you cross the Loup River bridge on the south side of Columbus, to your left will be the water park and Pawnee Park. The baseball field is in Pawnee Park right along the highway.

Columbus Lakeview Field - Lakeview High School: Take Highway 81 22 miles through York to three miles north of Stromsburg. Bear right in Stromsburg where Highways 92 and 81 merge and continue 12.3 miles through Osceola and Shelby. Two miles east of Shelby, turn north on 81 and continue 17 miles to 23rd St. (Intersection of 81 and Highway 30). Turn left (west) and continue on 81 for 1.1 miles. Turn right at 48th Avenue for 3.9 miles. Turn right at 83rd St/Lakeview Road and proceed 0.7 miles. Ballpark is on the left.

Columbus Lakeview Field - Lakeview High School (alternate route): Take 81 and cross over the viaduct (railroad tracks) and go to the second traffic light past the viaduct (first light is at the bottom of the viaduct). At the second stoplight (Ace Hardware on that corner), turn left on 14th Street and go west approximately 1 1/4 blocks to Howard Blvd. Turn right on Howard Blvd. and proceed to the northwest on Howard to a stoplight at the junction of Highway 81 (Earl May at that corner). Turn west (left) approximately two plus blocks to a stoplight. Turn right and proceed north on 48th Avenue past the hospital. Proceed up the hill, over the canal bridge and take the next right on 83rd Street. This blacktop goes east to Lakeview High School. The ballpark is located just west of the high school on the north side of the road.

Crete – Tuxedo Park: From I-80 take the Crete exit and follow Highway 103 south to Highway 33. At Highway 33, turn west into Crete. Highway 33 turns into 13th Street. Continue west on 13th Street to Tuxedo Park. There will be signs directing you to the fairgrounds and Tuxedo Park, the location of the field.

Crete - Tuxedo Park (alternate route): Take I-80 to the Crete exit and follow Hwy 33/103 through Crete to the west side of town. Turn right (north) on County Road 2150 immediately following the railroad tracks next to Pizza Hut. Go north to County Road F (13th Street). Turn right (east) to Idaho Avenue. At that point you will see signs to Tuxedo Park. Turn left (north) on Idaho Avenue and follow it into Tuxedo Park. The road will turn to the right (east) to enter the park.

Davenport (Game with Bruning-Davenport-Shickley—BDS): Travel time 50-55 minutes—Take Highway 81 south past Geneva and continue past Bruning. Two miles south of Bruning, take Highway 4W to Davenport. (Note: Do not take Highway 4E which is one mile south of Bruning.) Take Highway 4 West to Davenport. You will be entering the town heading north. Cross over the railroad tracks and turn east (right) to the ballpark area. The field is behind the community building.

David City - David City Baseball Field: Take Highway 34 to Seward and turn left onto Highway 15 in Seward. Follow Highway 15/4th Street into David City. From the stoplight on the Courthouse Square, proceed 4 blocks north. Turn left on “H” Street and proceed 3 blocks west to the ballpark which will be on your right.

Edgar - Edgar Baseball Field: Take Highway 81 south and continue seven miles past Geneva to the Strang corner. Turn west on Highway 74 heading towards Shickley. Travel Hwy 74 approximately 24 miles to the turnoff to Edgar. Turn south for approximately 3.25 miles at the Edgar spur which curves into Edgar. The corner to the ballpark is A Street (first turn to the south or left). Go approximately three blocks to the field which on the left side of the street.

Elkhorn High School - Elkhorn, Nebraska Baseball Field: Approximately 1 hour, 35 minutes and 97 miles. Take I-80 east for 79 miles. Take exit 432 (Nebraska Highway 31) north 12.6 miles to Veterans Drive. Proceed up the hill to the baseball complex--adjacent to the football field.

Fairbury - Fairbury Baseball Field: Take Highway 81 south past Geneva to Hebron. Turn east (left) and proceed on Highway 136 about 25 miles to Fairbury. Stay on 136 until Maple Street, the second block in Fairbury. Turn south (right), cross the railroad tracks and the park is on the east side of that road. Driving time is approximately 85 minutes.

Fairfield – Fairfield Baseball Field: Distance is 55 miles and approximately 58 minutes. I-80 west for 21 miles to the Aurora Exit (Exit 332). Left at the exit ramp on Highway 14 for 17 miles. At Highway 6, turn right (west) for 3 miles. Turn left again on Nebraska 14 for 10 miles. At that point turn right for 250 feet. The address is 30671 Highway 14 at the intersection of Highway 14 and Highway 74.

Geneva - Geneva Baseball Field: Take Highway 81 south from the intersection of 81 and I-80 for 20.7 miles to the “F” Street exit off the by-pass. Turn right (west) and proceed 0.4 miles to the stop sign at 15th Street. Turn left (south) for 0.1 miles to “E” Street. Turn right (west), and the field is immediately on the left (south).

Gibbon - Gibbon Baseball Field: Take I-80 west to exit 285, Gibbon. Turn right onto spur 10C, "Lowell Road". Take spur into and through town to River Street. Turn left for one block to Davis Park. The ballpark is in the very Northwest part of town.

Giltner - Giltner Baseball Field: Take Interstate 80 west 29 miles to the Giltner exit #324. At the stop sign on the off-ramp, turn south (left) for three miles to the Giltner Field which is on the right side of the road.

Grand Island – Ryder Park: Take Highway 34 or I-80 to Highway 281 in Grand Island. Go North on 281 to Old Potash Highway and turn right (east). Proceed past Webb Road, Piper Street, and Old Fair Road to Custer Avenue and turn left (north). Ryder Park will be on the left.

Harvard - Harvard Baseball Field: Take I-80 west to the Aurora exit (Exit 332). Travel 14 miles south on Highway 14 to the sign to Harvard. Continue approximately six miles to Harvard. Stay on the Harvard spur past Main Street and the cemetery. Two streets past Main St., the field will be situated on the right.

Hastings – Duncan Field: Take I-80 west to the Hastings exit. Take Highway 281 south to Hastings. It will turn into Burlington Avenue, which you take through town and under the underpass. After the underpass, take the next left, which will be South Street. Take South Street about 10 blocks until you see Duncan Field on the left side of the street.

Hastings - Smith Complex: Take I-80 west to Hasting exit 312. Take exit 312 and proceed 13 miles south on Highway 281 (Tom Osborne Expressway). At the Smith Complex on the left, turn left for 400 feet. Approximately 59 miles and 55 minutes.

Hebron - Hebron Legion Field: Take Highway 81 south to Hebron, approximately 43 miles. Upon approaching Hebron, you will see the 13th Street exit and than the Dove Road exit. Take the next (third) exit into Hebron and proceed west for 2 blocks to a stop sign at the intersection of 13th Street and Lincoln Avenue.

Continue west for 6 blocks to the intersection of 7th Street and Lincoln Avenue. Turn left or south and go one block to a stop sign. Proceed south one more block to the west edge of the swimming pool. There is a complex of 3 fields south of the pool area, and the Legion Field is the center field of the three.

Hickman - Hickman Baseball Field: Take 6th Street west to Blackburn Avenue. Turn south until it deadends at Road 11 (approx 2 miles). Turn right on Road 11 to Highway 81 (1/2 to .6 mile). Turn left on Highway 81 proceeding south to Interstate 80 east. Merge on I-80 east and proceed 44 miles to Exit 397 (Homestead Expressway/Highway 77 South toward Beatrice. Proceed 14.1 miles to Hickman Road and 55G Spur. Turn left on 55G and proceed 4 miles. Turn right on S. Chestnut St/S 68th St for 0.4 miles. Turn right on E. 2nd Street and proceed to ballpark. Approximate travel time is 65-70 minutes and distance is 66 miles.

Holdrege – Becton Dickinson Field: Take I-80 to the Kearney exit. Take Highway 44 south to Highway 6/34. Turn right and proceed about 15 miles to Holdrege. At the east side of Holdrege, take a left at the underpass. Becton Dickinson Field is about 2 blocks on the right at the fairgrounds. Or you can go to the grain elevators, take a left, and go about 2 blocks south to the field.

Kearney - Kearney Baseball Field: Take I-80 West to Kearney exit 272. Turn right onto 2nd Ave.. Continue on 2nd Avenue to W 33rd street. Turn left onto W 33rd St. Continue straight onto 8th Avenue until you arrive at ballpark, 3311 8th Avenue.

Kearney County - See Minden for directions

Lawrence - Lawrence Baseball Field: I80 west bound to the Aurora exit Turn South onto hwy #14. Stay on hwy #14 approximately 40 miles. Turn west on Hwy #4 to Lawrence. At the east edge of town turn South on Stephens St. That will take you to ball field

Lexington - Lexington Baseball Field: Take I-80 west to the Lexington exit. Turn north onto Highway 283. Pass through two stoplights about a block apart, continue north, and go over the overpass. (Do not turn at the bottom of the overpass, but keep going north.) There is a stop sign about a block from the base of the overpass, and St. Ann’s Catholic Church is off to the right. You will be on Jackson Street. Keep going north until you get to the “T” or dead end at 13th Street. Turn left here (west) and go through one stop light. You will pass the high school on your right, then the hospital on your left. When you see the Health and Fitness Center on your left, turn right into the parking lot of the Optimist Recreaton Complex.

Lincoln - Den Hartog Field: Take “O” Street to 70th Street, make a right turn onto 70th and go south to “A” Street. Turn left (east) on “A” until you see Den Hartog on the north (left) side of the street.

Lincoln – Densmore Fields: Take I-80 to Exit 397 (Highway 77 south). Follow Highway 77 south toward Beatrice for 5.0 miles. Turn left (east) onto Old Cheney Road and proceed for 1.1 miles. Turn right (south) onto S. 14th Street and proceed for 1.0 miles. Turn right (west) onto Densmore Road. There is a library on your right and a YMCA in front (west) of you. (The fields are further in past the YMCA building.)

Lincoln - Sherman Field: Take I-80 to Exit 397 (Highway 77 Bypass). Follow the Bypass to the Van Dorn exit. After exiting, turn left (east) onto Van Dorn. Turn left onto Park Boulevard (the first left) and follow Park Blvd. to South Street. Turn left onto South Street. Sherman Field will be on the left.

Malcolm - Malcom Baseball Field: Take Highway 34 east to Seward. From the east edge of Seward, continue east on Hwy 34 approximately six miles to NW 112th St. Turn north (left) towards Malcolm for approximately 3 miles. Turn east (right) on Malcolm Road through town to 105th St. Turn south (right) and the field is on the left side of the road.

McCool Junction – Northside Park: From the intersection of Highway 81 and I-80, proceed 5 miles south on Highway 81. At the first exit to McCool, turn left and proceed 0.2 miles south to “K” Street. Turn left (east) to 6th Street, 0.4 miles. Turn left (north) on 6th Street for one block. The ballpark is on the left (west).

Milford - Milford Baseball Field: Take I-80 to the Seward exit (379). Turn south on Highway 15 to Highway 6. Turn left (east) on Highway 6 to Milford. As you come into town, you will turn north onto Welch Park Road. Proceed to the second park entrance and field three.

Minden - Minden Baseball Field: Take I-80 west to exit 279. Turn left onto NE-10 S. Go 12 miles to 21st street (by airport). Turn left onto 21st street.

Omaha - Brown Park Stella Field: Proceed on I-80 to Exit 454 (13th Street Exit – toward the zoo) Go 0.32 miles and turn right onto 13th Street Go 1.62 miles and turn right onto U Street Go 0.12 miles and take the 2nd left onto S. 15th Street to 5708 S. 15th Street

Omaha - Westgate Field: Take I-80 east 94.3 miles to Exit 448 for 84th Street. Turn left at the exit on South 84th Street. Proceed north for 0.6 miles to Grover Street. Turn right on Westgate Road and right on Westgate Circle to the ballpark.Approximately 1 hour, 30 minutes and 100 miles.

Pleasant Dale – Post #354 Field: Take I-80 to exit 388 and follow Highway 103 south for 3-4 miles. Upon entering Pleasant Dale, you will turn at the third street on the right (west), Main Street. This road is directly across from the south entrance into the Pleasant Dale Quik Gas Station and Food Mart. The field is on the south (left) side of the road, approximately 4 blocks to the west. Parking is right next to the field or on Ash Street.

Seward - Seward Baseball Field: Travel north through Seward on Highway 15 to Pinewood Avenue, the street just north of Seward High School. Turn right onto Pinewood, take this street east past the Seward Elementary School to Carol Kay Boulevard. Turn north and go down the hill to the Seward Baseball Complex.

Schuyler – Merchant Ballpark: From Levitt Stadium, take E. 6th Street to Delaware and turn north. Continue north on Delaware to Highway 34. Turn right (east) onto Highway 34 and travel to Highway 15 in Seward and turn left (north). Travel on Highway 15, which will take through David City and eventually to Schuyler from the south. You will see the park on the left (west). You will see the historic Oak Ball Room to the west across the parking lot and the ball park straight north of the swimming pool. Travel time is approximately 80 minutes. There are shorter routes in both miles and time but this is a very direct route.

Shelby - Shelby Baseball Field: From York, go north on Hwy 81. Turn east at the Hwy 81/92 junction. Proceed 10 miles to Shelby. The ball field is on the East side of town on the north side of Hwy 81/92 In the city park (just beside the swimming pool).

Springfield/Platteview - Baseball Field: Take I-80 East from Exit 353 to Exit 432 (79 miles). Turn south (right) for 0.25 miles to Platteview Road. Turn east on Platteview Road for six miles to stop sign at Highway 50. Proceed on Platteview Road for .6 mile to South 132nd Street. Turn south (right) for 0.3 miles to Main Street. Turn right (west) for 0,2 miles to Buffalo Park on the left.

St. Paul - Grover Cleveland Alexander Field: Take Highway 81 north to Highway 92 north of Stromsburg. Turn west (left) and proceed 48 miles west on Highway 92 to Highway 281. Turn north (right) on Hwy 281 and proceed into St. Paul. At the first intersection, turn west (left) on Adams St. and proceed 1.1 miles. Turn north (right) on Taylor St. and proceed 0.2 miles. Continue to the ballpark. Total distance from Levitt Stadium to GCA Field is 73 miles and about 65-75 minutes.

St. Paul - Grover Cleveland Alexander Field Alternate Route: Take Interstate 80 or Hwy 34 West to Highway 281. Proceed north on 281 to the town of St. Paul (approx. 30 miles). Once you get to St. Paul, follow the directions described above.

Stromsburg/SOS - Baseball Field: Take Highway 81 north to Stromsburg. Turn left (west) into Buckley Park at the south edge of town and proceed west for ¼ mile to the ballpark.

Sutton - American Legion Field: Take Hwy 81 south to Fairmont, then take Hwy 6 west to Sutton. Once you are approaching Sutton, turn west onto Ash St, go 1.3 miles. The turn into the ball complex is south soon after Van Kirk Bros Contracting.

Syracuse - Syracuse Baseball Field: Take I-80 east to Lincoln exit 397. Take the by-pass to the Van Dorn/Highway 2 exit. Follow Highway 2 through Lincoln to the Syracuse exit. Turn right (south) on Highway 50 through Syracuse until you get to 1st Street. Take a right, cross a set of railroad tracks, keep going west until you get to Midland, take a right for about half a block to the field.

Twin River (game in Silver Creek): Take Highway 81 north to Highway 92, turn left. Stay on 92 to Highway 39 and turn right. Cross the river, veer to the right onto Vine Street and then take the first left to the ballfield. Estimated time is 40 minutes.

Utica/Beaver Crossing – Miller Field: Take I-80 to exit 369. Turn south and go 3 miles to Beaver Crossing. Turn left and continue east on Dimery Avenue. From the gas station, travel two blocks east and then take a right (south) to Miller Field.

Utica/Beaver Crossing --Utica Field: Take Highway 34 east through Waco to Utica.

Valparaiso - Valparaiso Baseball Field: Take Highway 34 east to Seward. Turn north onto Highway 15 and proceed to Highway 66. Take Highway 66 east to Dwight. Eight miles east of Dwight, Highway 66 and Highway 79 intersect. The ballpark is on the northwest corner of the intersection. Driving time is just over an hour.

Wahoo – Sam Crawford Field: Go east on I-80 to Exit 406 (Highway 77). At the bottom of the off-ramp, turn left (north) and proceed 23 miles to Wahoo. At 5th Street, the light past Burger King, turn right and proceed 6 blocks to ballpark on right.

Wahoo – Sam Crawford Field Alternate Route: Go east out of the Levitt Stadium to Delaware Avenue. Go north to Highway 34 (approx 2.5 miles) Take Highway 34 east to Seward's Highway 15 (25 miles). Proceed north on Highway 15 for 21 miles to Highway 92. Go east on Highways 92 for 31 miles to Highway 77. Follow 77 to 5th Street in Wahoo. At the light on 5th Street, turn right (east) and continue for 6 blocks. Sam Crawford Field will be on the south side of 5th street at the very east end of town.

Waverly – Wayne Park: Take I-80 east to exit 409. Turn east (right) on Highway 6, 2.5 miles. Turn south (right) at the Gas & Shop. Continue for 3 blocks straight into the park.

Wood River - Wood River Baseball Field: Take I-80 west to exit 300 (Wood River exit and third GI exit). Take Highway 11 north to Highway 30 about four miles. Turn west on Hwy 30 for approximately one quarter of a mile to the first right turn in Wood River. Follow the street four blocks until it turns west to a small field. The Legion field is west of the small field and adjacent to the smaller field.

York - Levitt Stadium: From I-80--Take the York Exit #353 and proceed north on Highway 81 approximately 1.5 miles to the sign which says York College and Business District. Follow ramp to the right and the ramp becomes Lincoln Avenue. Proceed north on Lincoln Avenue to 6th Street. It is the third stoplight after you have left the Highway 81 bypass and proceeded on the ramp.

At 6th Street, turn right (east) and proceed 0.6 miles to East Hill Park which is on the north side of the road. There is a parking lot just to the south of Levitt Stadium.

From locations north of York--Take Lincoln Avenue and signs to downtown York on the north edge of town. Continue south on Lincoln Avenue to 6th Street (Cornerstone Bank on the corner of 6th & Lincoln Avenue). Turn east (left) and proceed 0.7 miles to East Hill park which is on the north side of the road.